At Nollywood Life, we strive to uphold editorial standards that emphasize our commitment to producing newsworthy, accurate and universally helpful content of the highest quality and integrity, free from bias abs conflict of interest.

Our authors, writers and editorial team strictly follows our editorial standard spanning various content types include movie review, features, movie news, celebrity news, and more.

Nollywood Life upholds the following standards

*Reliability: We prioritize the authenticity and reliability of our content, achieved through meticulous research and thorough revisions conducted by our diverse team of journalists, film writers and specialists

*Originality: We make sure our editorial team comply with the legal and ethical standards guidance and observe the code of ethics of Nigeria press council. With a zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism, being factual and authentic in reports is our pride.

* Independence: Our review rating on Nollywood movies cannot be traded for favours, sold of bought. We issue sanctions if any of our writers is caught in any form of manipulation.

* Recency: Nollywood Life provides publish and updates data for our articles to inform readers about the recency of the content they are consuming.

*Conflicts of Interest: Our writers at the newsroom are required to reach out to the editor in chief to check if their content align with our policy and any topic to appear on our website does not create a direct conflict of interest.

*Image Credits: We make sure to credit image used from third party sources for the illustrations of our stories or any type of contents in our website.

*Attribution of Sources: Unless a press release from our media partners, we aim to provide link credit to a report’s originating source

*Accuracy: We are committed to legit, trustworthy, accurate and transparent content. We make sure our news content are accurately reported.

*Review Guidelines: We do not take payment for movie reviews. We strive to provide balance and unbiased reviews which cover the good and bad of the movies available in the cinemas and streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, showmax. Our ratings are not influenced by any insider in the entertainment industry or relationships we may have.

Note our editorial guidelines is subject to review. This page can be updated anytime without prior notice. Incase you have any questions, email us via [email protected]

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