Korra Obidi Calls For An End To Mother-Shaming, Says Moms Were Once Girls

By Mayowa Akintoye 2 Min Read

Nigerian-American dancer, Korra Obidi has taken to social media to call for an end to mother-shaming – the act of criticizing or judging mothers for their parenting choices, lifestyle, or decisions.

The mother of two, who is unimpressed by the incessant criticism she receives from her fans regarding her lewd behavior when dressing and how she raises her children, posted this on her Instagram page on Monday morning, October 9.

NOLLYWOOD LIFE, recalls some people requested the removal of her children from her care after accusing her of physically abusing her daughters.

“They called Child Services again that I locked up my children and I’m beating them. Can you guys stop? You have not seen these girls for months and you’re still doing the sick shits you’re doing”, she said.

“Can you guys stop trying to make my life a living hell in America? Can you stop it?!,” Korra Obidi said.

In an effort to paint her as a terrible mother, she said that people haven’t given up on reporting her to child protective services.

Korra Obidi, who is currently a single mother, pleaded with the public to put an end to mother-shaming in a recent update. She emphasized that mothers were once girls and said that girls still only want to have fun.

“Can women go a day without someone questioning their kids well-being because they are outside trying to fend for them?,” Korra Obidi asked.

See her post below:

Korra Obidi Calls For End To Mother-Shaming

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