Hon Abbas Appoints Eniola Badmus SA On Social Events

ByMayowa Akintoye2 Min Read

Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus has been appointed as a special assistant (SA) to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nigeria, Hon. Tajudeen Abbas on social events and public hearings.

Eniola Badmus SA On Social Events
Eniola Badmus appointed SA On Social Events

The movie star is being celebrated by her colleagues and fans on social media today as they penned a congratulatory note to her. On social media, her appointment has drawn a wide range of responses, with some people questioning why she was appointed.

Some tweeps speculated that she was hired because she helped Tinubu garner a lot of support during his presidential campaign. According to a Daily Post article, Eniola Badmus gave out Aso Ebi in exchange for Tinubu’s swearing-in during the 2023 election.

Here are some comments gathered by NOLLWOOD LIFE below:

@TaoFeek182 wrote, “A well-deserved appointment. Your doggedness and dedication to your political party before and after the elections can’t be overlooked. This is a reward for passion. Congratulations Eniola Badmus!”.

@VictorIsreal_ wrote, “What is this position about? I thought Agbado Boys said Eniola Badmus was doing this for free. I weep for my country Nigeria. What the actual hell is this?”

@desavce wrote, “I’ll stop tweeting about Nigeria and focus more on myself. This country is not for people like me lol Eniola Badmus got a federal government appointment for supporting Tinubu. I can’t even blame the commoners on here supporting Tinubu, it seems that’s their only way to make it”

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