Nollywood Is Led By Female Directors – Filmmaker Editi Effiong

ByMayowa Akintoye2 Min Read

Editi Effiong, the acclaimed director behind the gripping film “Black Book,” has dropped a truth bomb at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival that rewrites the narrative about Nollywood. Contrary to the perception of a male-dominated industry, Effiong boldly declared that “Nollywood is already being led by female directors and producers.”

Nollywood led by female

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This wasn’t just an opinion. Effiong backed it up with undeniable facts. He pointed to the record-breaking achievements of powerhouse director Funke Akindele, whose films have topped the Nigerian box office charts for three consecutive years. He further emphasized that “four out of the top five highest-grossing Nigerian films were directed by women.”

He said, “In the industry, we are trying to get more men. We have those situations in reverse. Funke broke her record in 2021, broke her record in 2022, in 2023 her last film broke her own record. So top grossing Nigerian film she is number one, two, three. Number four is another girl and number five is another girl.”

Speaking further explained why Nollywood shouldn’t bring other countries’s problem into the movie industry.

“The larger point is not inheriting other people’s problems,” Effiong stated on “This isn’t a Nollywood problem. We have other problems, but not this one. Nollywood is already led by female directors and producers. Majority of the ‘studios’ are led by women.”

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