Singer Chidinma Shares Her Story Of Gaining Sight After Being Born Blind

ByMayowa Akintoye2 Min Read

Nigerian gospel singer, Chidinma Ekile has shared her story of how she gained her sight after she was born blind.

She made this disclosure in a recent video titled ‘My Story’ posted on her YouTube page on Tuesday, May 2nd.

According to Chidinma, after her parents learned that she was born blind, her parents reportedly sought every medical option but were left in desperate need of spiritual guidance.

She claimed that her mother entered into a covenant with God during this time, following which she regained her sight.

“I was born blind actually, I didn’t open my eyes at all, it became a challenge, my parents tried all they could to get this baby to see, all proved abortive.

“We had to resort to God, here is my mum, being a prayer warrior; she just started praying all of a sudden, started fasting from nowhere. These were things my parents were never used to but they had to because of the situation. And eventually, I started to see.

“I remember that my mum, according to her, had promised to give me back to God, if God could help her solve that problem.”

Also, in the video, she gave her reason why she stopped singing secular music. She said, “I was looking for my fulfilment but I didn’t find it until I reconnected with my source.”

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