Why Celebs Beg For Money When Sick – Patience Ozokwor

By Mayowa Akintoye 2 Min Read

Nigerian actress, Patience Ozokwor has given the reason why celebs beg for money online whenever they are sick.

Patience Ozokwor explains why celebs beg for money online

The movie star disclosed this in a recent interview, sighted by NOLLYWOOD LIFE on social media.

Given the reason why Nigerian celebs beg for money online, Patience Ozokwor attributed this phenomenon to the lavish lifestyles of many celebrities, which often leave them without any savings to fall back on in times of need.

She explained that many Nigerian actors are heavy spenders, prioritizing appearances and maintaining a certain image over financial prudence. She highlighted the pressure to constantly wear new clothes to events, as fans expect celebrities to always look their best. This constant need to project an affluent lifestyle often leads to excessive spending, leaving little room for financial planning.

Moreover, Ozokwor pointed out that the nature of the acting profession often results in irregular income. Actors may experience periods of unemployment or low earnings, making it difficult to save for future expenses. When illness strikes, these celebrities may find themselves without the means to cover medical bills or other essential costs.

She said, “Because of the nature of our job, we are a heavy spenders, you see the cloth we wear matters to the world as we call it packaging, the worst is that if you wear one dress to an award night, nobody expect you to wear it again to another award night. These are the things that make us spend a lot of money.”

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