Movie Review: ‘Gangs of Lagos’ Is A Crime Thriller Movie That Explores The Street Life Of Lagos Island

ByMayowa Akintoye3 Min Read

Gangs of Lagos is Amazon Prime Video’s first original film directed by Jadesola Osiberu. The movie follows the story of two childhood friends, Young Obalola and Young Ify, who start their life of crime by robbing a woman in Lagos traffic.

Growing up, they become involved in pickpocketing, stealing, and a street lifestyle that Young Obalola’s mother tries to steer him away from by taking him to a river where prophets attempt to drive out the evil spirit in him.

Despite his mother’s warning and the tragic death of his father, Young Obalola chooses to join a gang led by Nino, who values his intelligence. The three friends, including Gift, grow up together as gang members, with Obalola aspiring to become a street king and Ify dreaming of becoming a musician.

After Nino’s death, Obalola, Gift, and Ify start working for Kazeem, a greedy and ruthless gang leader. Obalola who is in love with Kazeem’s daughter, Teni, since childhood, protects her.

He is recruited as her security and driver, but things turn violent when Kazeem pins the murder of a gang leader on Oba’s friends, leading to Oba’s death and a street war filled with bloodshed and destruction.

The ‘Gangs of Lagos’ is a movie that explores the street life of typical people living on Lagos Island (Isale Eko).

The cast of actors delivered their roles brilliantly in the stunts, now making it one of the best Nollywood action movies that include a lot of actions like the fight scene, chase scenes, and slow motion shots.

The cinematography too is very okay, it shows the real typical view of how Lagos Island (Isale Eko) looks like.

The final verdict

The movie “Gangs of Lagos” depicts how political power struggles in the city have often taken a violent turn, as opposed to democratic competition. Politicians resort to recruiting gangs of thugs to forcefully gain control of power, resulting in numerous social vices in the community.

We at Nollywood Life highly recommend the movie for you to watch, it is a 4/5 and it is definitely worth watching.

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