‘Dark October’ Movie Review: The Concept Of Jungle Justice Wreaks Havoc On Society

Mayowa Akintoye By Mayowa Akintoye
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Dark October” which is currently available on the Movie streaming giant platform, Netflix preaches against Jungle Justice.

It is a newly released film inspired by true events and directed by Toka McBaror with production by Nigerian Celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji.

Dark October
Dark October, photo credit: Netflix

The movie revolves around four university students in Nigeria who were falsely accused of theft and lynched to death in a mob attack that sparked nationwide outrage.

The film showcases the bond of friendship between two of the students, Big L and Tizzy, as they pursue their dreams of becoming world-famous rappers.

The movie also highlights the desperation that results from trying to collect a debt from a friend that refuses to pay and the potential harm it can cause.

The film accurately portrays the horrific event through its artistic representation and vivid depiction of the brutal beating and stoning that the four innocent boys endured.

The cast did an excellent job in bringing their roles to life and the producer, Linda Ikeji, deserves recognition for her attention to detail in the timing of each event in real-time and the overall plot coherence.

However, the movie also highlights the shortcomings of the police force for failing to investigate the false accusations made against the students.

And the community vigilante hid each of the necessary documents including student identity cards to identify the four young boys, which could have potentially saved their lives.

In conclusion, “Dark October” is a powerful film that brings to light the consequences of Jungle Justice on society. Nollywood Life says a big No to jungle justice in Nigeria.

We at Nollywood life, give the movie a score of 4 out of 5.

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