Austin Faani Says Religion Has Done More Harm To Africa

ByMayowa Akintoye2 Min Read

A well-known filmmaker, Austin Faani, has asserted that religion has done more to Africa than anything else.

Austin Faani

On Thursday, he shared this information on his Instagram page, revealing some of the sacrifices he made for his wife, who was dealing with mental health issues.

Speaking at the Chacha-owned Meticulous People Foundation Outreach, which works with mental illness, Faani related the story of a doctor who assured him that if he saw to it that his wife took her medication, he would have a happy household.

He also related how a pastor tricked him into slaughtering goats to cure his wife’s mental disorder during the occasion.

His wife, Chacha Eke shared the video on her Instagram reels page, with the caption, “The universe knew I would need ‘saving’ and so they sent ‘Austin Faani’ my way.”

Austin said: “I’m a very religious person but I believe religion has done more harm to Africans than anything else.

“In November 2012, I took her to a church because I told the pastor that my father-in-law killed a lot of cows for her, he said I should kill something for her. So I ran to Abraka market and bought a big goat for her but at the end of the day, the same thing kept happening to her.”

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