Singer Portable Shocks Charles Okocha, Wins Boxing Fight

ByMayowa Akintoye2 Min Read

Nigerian singer Portable wins victorious in a thrilling boxing fight against actor Charles Okocha at Landmark Beach on Victoria Island, Lagos State.

Singer Portable wins boxing fight

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The pair had been involved in an online feud over an alleged N40m rip-off, and before the big shot boxing bash, they had considered using their fists to settle their purported contractual disputes. In violation of a contract, Portable alleged Okocha defrauded him of money by sending him only a tiny quantity.

To resolve their issues, they have consequently decided to fight on Boxing Day, with Heritage Boxing Entertainment serving as the sanctioning organization.

Before their Tuesday night bout, the performers sparred multiple times at a press conference, hurling taunts and threats at each other. Portable pledged to win the boxing match at the meeting. He said, “The belt is mine, I am the owner, and I will beat him. This is not about English, I will use my punch to beat you.

“I am going to take this belt on the 26th and I will take it to Sango and show everyone at home. If you want to start it here, we will start it here, I am ready for you.”.

When the boxing match was analyzed, it was evident that Portable was winning because he was able to withstand the more potent blows that Charles Okocha was throwing after each round.

Watch the video below as Portable wins the boxing fight…

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